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Church Office
396 Broad Avenue
Leonia, NJ  07605

(201) 944-2970

Office Hours
Our staff tries its best to keep regular office hours during the week. During those times, you are welcome to stop by or call the office number listed above. We ask your understanding if we are hard to catch. Often, we are “out and about” building relationships for Jesus Christ in the community. We believe that is where most real ministry takes place!

Please consult our Program Calendar for scheduled office hours.

David Wehrle, Pastor
office: (201) 429-9606
mobile: (201) 972-5279

Aiden Lee, Associate Pastor
office: (201) 429-9610
mobile:  (646) 580-0507

Soyeon Park, Music Director
mobile: (201) 741-4887

Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya, Administrative Assistant
office: (201) 944-2970