• Build Leadership Skills (Mentoring)... Do Hard Things!

The mission of our junior and senior high student ministry is to work with parents to instill passion for Jesus Christ in the hearts of young people. We carry out our mision through a large group/small group format weekly program, through a monthly student outing/activity, through one-on-one mentoring of youth, and through providing resources and small groups for parents.

XP3 Youth XP

The “XP” in “XP3” stands for experience. We want youth to have an experience they will never forget.

Wonder – Discovery – Passion

The “3” in “XP3” stands for “wonder, discovery and passion.” We want to incite WONDER, helping youth to embrace a God who is bigger than their imagination. We want to provoke DISCOVERY, inviting kids to a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with God. We want to fuel PASSION, giving youth opportunities to be the church and make a difference by influencing their generation.

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