Poetry by Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya

Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya been writing poetry since she was 15. Her first poems were in Russian, and she transitoned to English Poems when she immigrated to USA in 2001. Yevgeniya’s poems were published in Ancient Paths, A Blind Man’s Rainbow and The Penwood Review literary magazines. Yevgeniya works as an Administrative Assistant at Leonia Church.


of Love and other Gifts

Inspired by writings of Emily Dickinson and archimandrite Victor (Mamontov)


I prayed for Love and Peace and Faith

in Doubt and Distress.

I cried, I called, I knelt, I wept

and asked for Righteousness.

I was Confused, Alone and Lost –

but never Lost for long.

Your Voice was Sweetly calling back

in Nature and in Songs.

The Pride and Pain of fallen world,

cannot Your Love Prevent

You answer in the Word and Gifts

of Love and Peace and Faith.




under waves of depression,

Or gliding

 on the waves of inspiration,

Embracing Divine Navigation,

A poet

is surfing

in the Ocean…


A Christmas Wish

What does Christmas evoke in you –

church services, shopping sprees, something else?

What are your best Christmas memories –

treasures too precious to share?


Did you lose someone special this year –

what will be the new Christmas now?

Cheer for the sake of the children

while holding back tears and rum?


Or are you a Muslim, a Buddhist –

is Christmas foreign to you?

Are you sick of corporate parties

and music that’s too sweet and untrue?


Or are you a devout Christian,

a missionary, a preacher, a monk?

Are you in danger from ISIS

while planning this year’s Midnight Mass?


Will you give me a smile this Christmas?!



Introducing the Art Page

Leonia Church is made up of many talented and gifted people. This page will showcase painting, photography, poetry, prose, music and other works of art by Leonia Church. Sunday morning isn’t the only time to share your artistic gifts! If you want to share something, email what you’ve got to us at office@leonia.church.

Poetry by Floran Cazeu

Poetry by Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya





Poetry by Floran Cazeau

About Floran: “I am an electrical engineer militating in the aeronautical industry as an NDT inspector. I love sport and science; and I am enchanted by any being with a smile and a sense of humor. I do love people, I love life and, of course, I love God the Supreme Being.” – Floran Cazeau

To learn more, visit his website: http://www.floyspoetry.com/author/.

Youth Age
We had no wings
But flew
In all seasons!
Only the heavens
Limited our dreams
And our passions!

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