Faith Exchange Program With Mehfil-e-Shahe Khorasan

The Leonia Church Outreach Ministry Team and Shiraz Hussain (lay leader for Mehfil-e-Shahe Khorasan, a Moslem educational and religious center in Englewood) invite you to participate in a faith exchange program. Two individuals or two families, one from each congregation, will be matched together for casual social interaction such as emails, coffee/dinner, going to a movie, etc. Then on a Thursday of your choice, the family from Leonia Church will attend the Thursday night program at the Mehfil center along with their partnered family from that congregation. The next week, the family from Mehfil will join their partnered family from Leonia Church at our Sunday morning worship.  If you are interested in participating in this faith exchange, or have questions about it, please talk to Pastor Dave (, 201-972-5279), John Stott (, or any member of the Outreach Ministry Team. First Presbyterian Church of Englewood will also participate in this program.