Help a Stranger in Need – Give to the Elijah Fund

The Elijah Fund was established years ago by our congregation to provide emergency aid to people in need.  Pastor David has administered this fund with great care and Christian love.  Every two to three years we have a fund raiser to bring the fund back up to the $4,000 dollar level that we like to maintain.

This year the fund needs money, so Peter Slane and John Stott have hatched a fundraising plan.

On March 18, Peter and John will run a 13-mile half-marathon in Brooklyn, N.Y. to support the Elijah Fund. We are asking everyone we know to pledge $10 (more or less) per mile for one or both or our runners up to 13 miles. For instance you can pledge one mile for 10 dollars, two miles for 20 dollars up to thirteen miles for 130 dollars.

Here’s how you can make a pledge:

  • Write your pledge on the connect card from your Sunday morning bulletin and put it in the offering plate;
  • Record your pledge on the sign-up sheet in Tyson Hall on Sunday morning;
  • Or send an email message with your pledge to