MOVE – New XP3 Series for January 2014


Movements are everywhere. “To write love on her arms”, “Tom’s Shoes”, “Livestrong”, “Habitat for Humanity”, and the “End-It Movement”—all of those and hundreds more were created during our lifetime. In fact, one of the traits that this generation is known for is being the most cause-driven, the most movement focused in history. So which movements do we join? How do we start? And how do we move and serve in a way that really matters? Even if we aren’t sure what we think about Jesus, we can learn something from Him about serving the community around us. By His example we learn to MOVE on behalf of others and KEEP MOVING to have a lasting impact. 

Session One: The Main Event
Bottom Line: Movements, not moments, will change the world.
Have you ever volunteered or been involved in a service event, felt the exhilaration of moving to help others only to feel a little let down when it was over? Have you ever felt really committed to a cause or charity only to feel like someone flipped a switch and your focus shifted back to your everyday life? When we look at the life of Jesus, we see Someone who served without a turn-off switch. And when we choose to serve as He served, when it becomes part of who we are, we experience the joy of knowing we have a lasting impact.

Session Two: Make the Switch 
Bottom Line: Serving isn’t about you-it’s about who. 
Causes are everywhere.  On TV , on social media, at school, and definitely at church. It seems there are a million ways to help people. So why does it seem so hard to get and stay involved? James, the brother of Jesus, had a lot to say about helping others, possibly because he saw the way his Brother lived. Through his words we find that it actually may be more simple than we think. That when we choose to focus on God and others, and less on ourselves, serving becomes much less complicated.