Serve on Sunday

Sunday morning at Leonia United Methodist Church is a pretty exciting time. It is when the entire congregation, friends, family and visitors get together to worship Jesus and spend time with one another. On any given Sunday morning, several people come together to serve the congregation and make our worship service and other programs happen.

At Leonia Church, we do not have any “volunteers” because in Jesus’ Kingdom, there are no volunteers. At our church, we follow the example of Jesus, our Servant King, who first served us. At Leonia Church, we call the people who serve us on Sunday mornings “Worship Servants.” And, many of us have discovered that the best experience on Sunday morning is serving. Interested?

Opportunities – Read about our Worship Servant positions.
Training – Learn how and when to train for a Worship Servant position.
Scheduling – See how easy our scheduling system is.
Lead Worship Servants – They are here to serve our Worship Servants!

Here are some opportunities for you to serve:

Fellowship Hour Host – Prepare Tyson Hall for Fellowship Hour following Worship. Make the coffee. Provide refreshments. Clean up afterwards. You can do this on your own or recruit your small group or others to help!

Usher – Work in a team to prepare the Sanctuary for worship and straighten up after. Greet worshipers as they arrive. Provide for their needs by giving them a bulletin, explaining the worship service, directing them to childcare services, fellowship hour, etc., and answering any questions. Participate in the worship service by collecting offering, communication cards, and in other ways as needed. You are the hands and feet of the church during our worship service.

Greeter – There is no more important Worship Servant. You get to make the first impression! Greet worshipers warmly as they arrive. Hand out bulletins and other worship materials. Answer any questions worshipers have. This is a simple, but profoundly important position.

Communion Servant – Assist the Pastor or others in serving communion. Help prepare the communion table for worship. You may also be asked to provide bread and grape juice for communion. Clean up the communion table after worship.

Worship Leader (Reader) – Assist the Pastor and staff in leading our worship service. Lead the congregation in the Call to Worship. Read the Scripture lesson(s) aloud for the congregation. Lead other elements of the worship service as requested.

Worship Arts Servant – Help prepare visual and other artistic elements of worship. Set up and run our computer a/v system or our sound system on Sunday morning.

Nursery Servant – Serve parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers by caring for their children while they attend worship. Serve with a great team of loving people.


Stay tuned for news about training opportunities. Don’t worry, training will only require 30 – 60 minutes of your time. We also have written guidelines available for each Worship Servant position, and you can always contact the Lead Worship Servant for a given position if you have any questions.


Planning Center Online – We plan our worship services and schedule our Worship Servants using Planning Center Online (PCO). Once you have signed-up as a Worship Servant, you will be given access to PCO using your email address and password. Logging in to PCO allows you to see when you have been scheduled to serve and in what positions. You can also “black out” dates on which you cannot or do not wish to serve. And, you can schedule yourself for future opportunities to serve.

Automatic Assignment – We use PCO to assign Worship Servants future opportunities to serve on a rotating basis. Our highest value is to allow everyone who is trained the opportunity to serve. If you are trained to serve in a position, you will be assigned to serve! You do not need to do a thing. Assignments are made on or about the 15th of the month for the following month (e.g., on January 15th for the entire month of February).

One month before your assignment, a notification email message will be sent to you. At the bottom of the email there is an “accept” button and a “decline” button. You may decline an assignment completely “guilt free.” We do ask that you click one of the buttons to accept or decline as soon as you receive your email message so that we know you are going to serve, or so we can find someone else ASAP. You may also accept or decline assignments (including before a notification email message is sent) by logging in to PCO.

No email? No worries! If you do not have email, we will contact you by phone to notify you of your assignment!

If you do not wish to be automatically assigned dates, please contact Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya at the church office.

Lead Worship Servants

Lead Fellowship Hour Host                               Ruth Elsinger
Lead Usher                                                            George Jarvis
Lead Greeter                                                          Susan Seyffarth
Lead Communion Servant                                  Carol Dunham
Lead Worship Leader (Reader)                        Pastor David Wehrle
Lead Worship Arts Servant                                Gabriel Wehrle