The Making Of A King – XP3 New Series

XP3_MOAK_Instagram_Pic Every good story has a hero. Think about it.  Superman. Luke Skywalker. Katniss Everdeen. They aren’t just random characters. They’re larger than life. Maybe they’re not perfect, but they’re exciting and they’re brave. And that’s what keeps us interested. That’s why we cheer for them. Believe it or not, the Bible is full of heroes like that. They don’t have capes and light sabers, but they are heroes who fought giants, built arks, became spies, defeated armies, and saved the day over and over. One of the most famous ones is named David—or maybe you know him as King David. Like many others, David’s life was exciting, epic even. And at first glance it can feel like we have zero common with him. Even on our most exciting days our lives don’t exactly feel heroic. But as we take a closer look at the journey of this shepherd boy turned king, we see it wasn’t always a royal fairytale. In fact, as we discover the twists and turns of his road to the throne, his life begins to look more like ours than we ever imagined.

Session One:  The Underdog
XP3_MOAK_LS_S1Have you ever looked at your life and felt…bored? Maybe you’re just waiting to be able to drive, just waiting to graduate, just waiting to get a job. Of course one day you want to do something significant, something meaningful but that can leave your right nowfeeling like a big waste of time. If you’ve ever felt that way, you have a lot in common with David. He wasn’t always king.  In the beginning, he was just a teenager stuck with the most boring job in his family. Shepherding. Most days he sat in a field just waiting for something, anything to happen. While it wasn’t glamorous, what David did in the moments when his life seemed least important may be the very thing that catapulted him into the role of hero. And, what we learn from his story has the power to change the way we see our right now from now on.

Session Two: With Honor
XP3_MOAK_LS_S2Nothing is worse than having someone in charge who really shouldn’t be in charge. Whether it’s the referee who is obviously blind, the boss who is unfair, or the teacher who seems clueless, there’s nothing fun about following someone you feel should never have been the leader in the first place. Most of the time we feel powerless. What can we do about it? Before he was king, David found himself in a similar situation. Under the authority of a crazy man who kept trying to kill him, it seemed David had every right to fight back against the person in charge, King Saul. But what he did instead—and why he did it—can be a game changer for us when it comes to dealing with the authority in our lives.

Session Three: Dirty Little Secret
XP3_MOAK_LS_S3David was famous for a lot of things: killing a giant, winning battles, writing poetry, becoming king. He was a talented guy for sure. But he is also known for something else—total failure. Sure, maybe you’ve tripped in front of everyone. Maybe you told a lie and got caught. Maybe your fail moment even ended up on YouTube. But chances are you haven’t done anything that has kept people talking for over a thousand years. That’s what happened with David. He messed up royally. And just like the rest of us, David’s first instinct was to cover it up. To make it go away. Eventually his plan fell apart. And while it was painful, what we learn from his story can give us the courage to avoid the same heartbreak.

Session Four: Braveheart
XP3_MOAK_LS_S4Have you ever known someone who seems to have everything go his or her way? The teacher loses her test, so she just gives her an A? He shoots wildly from half court and gets nothing but net?  It’s like their whole lives are one good thing after another. In a lot of ways, David was one of those people. It was like God was always on his side, helping him slay giants, win battles, and even making him king. But what was it aboutDavid? How did he seem to always have God’s attention and how do you sign up forthat? As it turns out, the thing that made David stand out wasn’t all that complicated. He didn’t have some magic combination of looks + talent +athletic ability. He didn’t even have perfect behavior. In fact, only one thing made the difference between a normal life and an extraordinary one for David. And if we’re willing to say yes, it can do the same for us.