Three Questions… No One Asks Aloud

Join us in August for a new sermon series: “Three Questions… No One Asks Aloud.” Taking inspiration from Philip Yancey’s book, Disappointment with God, we will explore the odd disparity between our concept of God and the realities of life. How can God be so hungry for relationship with us and yet seem so distant? Why, if God cares for us, do bad things happen? What can we expect from God after all?

At the center of the series stand these three questions:

  • Is God unfair?
  • Is God silent?
  • Is God hidden?

This sermon series will attempt to deal with these questions with clarity, honesty and biblical assurance. It will point beyond life’s disappointments and the cynicism they can breed to a stronger, wiser faith, a confidence in God’s deep love for us, and a thirst to reach not just for what God gives, but who God is.