Lead Program

 Do Hard Things!

Ever feel like adults treat you like a baby, have rules that are way too restrictive, or expect far too little from you? We think so too! You can do hard things! You can rebel against low expectations!

That’s why we invite a very small group of special students like you to enter into a mentoring relationship with our church staff. When you become a part of our “Lead” program, we will meet with you one-on-one each month and will work with you to empower you to rebel against low expectations.

Some of the things our mentored youth have done:

  • Lead worship arts at Leonia Church worship on Sundays
  • Install video cameras at the church building
  • Raise hundreds of dollars for hurricane Sandy relief
  • Go on missions in Peru
  • Build houses in Baja, Mexico
  • Tutor older adults in using computers and technology

We also ask students in our Lead program to take a leadership role in our various XP3 programs and in inviting students who are not yet a part of Leonia Church.

This is something that mom and dad can’t sign you up for, so if you think you are ready to do hard things, contact Aiden – our Student Ministry Director.