Summer Camp Returns!

Next Generation presents GNJ Camping at Pinelands Center at Mt. Misery

GNJ Next Generation Ministries has partnered with Barefoot Republic Camp to offer an innovative multicultural camping experience for middle and high school students for summer camp in 2018.

Since it’s founding in 2000, Barefoot Republic Camp has built Christ-centered unity between campers from diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds through a pursuit of common passions and engaging discipleship.

Open to middle school students, everyone will find something that they love. Choose specialty activities from football to dance, swimming to art. Campers make friends for life in daily competitions like dodge ball, messy games, adventure relays and more!

Spiritual growth and leadership development are the heart of the program. Dive deeper in relationship with God and others through worship, Bible study and discipleship under the guidance of mentoring counselors.

Located in Browns Mills, NJ, Pinelands Center at Mt. Misery lies on 150 acres of forest in the coastal plains of southern New Jersey.

Learn more and reserve your spot today! Email Ryan Clements or call 732.859.0033.

Click here to find out more about our camp programs for 2018.

Donate to Camping Scholarships

As we relaunch summer camps this year at Pinelands Center, we want to make sure every child has the opportunity to participate.

Camping scholarships are funded by members of the GNJ family whose own personal journey has been impacted by camping pass that  opportunity to the next generation.

The Next Generation Ministries Board members have already enthusiastically agreed to give a “first fruits” gift of their own to get this fund started.

If you would like to join them, you can donate here or you can simply mail a check to:

Camp Scholarship Fund, United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey
205 Jumping Brook Road
Neptune, NJ 07753